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Cell phone tracker

A number of software companies are developing a number of software applications especially applications to be a cell phone tracker. The person who is searching for them having no experience with such applications do not know which application he should be installing in his mobile device. Most of these applications are not efficient enough and have limited productivity. As these applications fall in the category of security and utility therefore the developing company also has to make sure that the application designed to be a cell phone tracker is secure and is dependable in case of emergency. This is the main issue which most of the software developing companies fail to consider and therefore the product launched by them has no real time application. If you want a handy and secure application to be a cell phone tracker then Cell Phone Sleuth is the right application for you. This application allows the user not only to trace the mobile device but can also be installed in the mobile device for monitoring purposes. This application allows the user to monitor all the activities done on the specific device. As this application is developed for android operating system therefore all the android based mobile devices can support this application. Once you have installed this application you do not have to worry about your mobile phone being lost as you can easily use your cell phone tracker in which this application is installed easily. The application provides you with the location of the mobile device in real time. The application is made keeping the security requirements in consideration and it is ensured the application is not altered or breached so that the user can alter the source code of the application. As this application is also used for monitoring purposes therefore it runs in stealth mode so the user experience is not affected with its presence.

Cell Phone Sleuth for only $3.95!


- Track & Record Calls
- View text / SMS Messages
- Track GPS Locations via Google
- View captured photos & videos
- Record calls & much much more!

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